P-Bass Makeover 2013

I have decided to refinish my P-Bass, and after that, I will touch up and refine the look of my Jazz Fretless.
I created a new logo so the 2 basses will compliment each other, incorporating the original serial numbers of the original basses. The new design and updates I have decided to incorporate into the P-Bass will also make the 2 basses a matched pair.
Since my Jazz Bass is finished in dark wood, I decided to finish the P-Bass in light wood.
The Chrome control knobs are being replaced with Maple knobs. The white pickguard is being cut down to be more like an “electronics cover” to show off more of the wood on the bass body.
I am changing the pickup covers from the original black to new white covers to match the pickguard and the lighter overall color of the wood.
Pics of the progress to come…

Removing the black paint.

UPDATE: Sanding the body.

UPDATE: 3/19 – Almost done sanding + New Replacement Parts.

Pickguard Modification ideas…

Original Crooked Neck. Twisted and Bowed beyond repair.

NEW Neck has Arrived!

Starting to poly!!!!

Done with the Polyurethane!
Another couple days to finish curing, then it gets polished, then RECONSTRUCTION! Yeah!
Of course, I still have to drill 16 holes tiny in the headstock for the tuners, another on the front of the headstock for the string tree, and one more hole drilled on the body for the electronics cover, also have to countersink the white cover so the new screw position goes flush.
I’m ready to play my shiny Maple P-Bass!

I didn’t take pics during construction, but here’s the final pics.

Well it WAS finished, but I have decided to change the pickguard. The pickup area was routed too large and I don’t like the gaping holes around them. Sooo, I picked up a new pickguard and am re-configuring it. Not sure if I will just do the previous design that went around the pickups or something more artsy.

Final Final Version:

Here it is! See Video post for more details.

Here it is! See Video post for more details.


Here it is!

Check out my Video Post for more details and to see the finished P-Bass close up.

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