Windows 10 Upgrade – Pt. 2

A couple of things have come to light since my last post, and they should be noted. If I run across anything else I haven’t covered, there will be a Part 3. 😀
The main problems I have run into involve the new MS browser, Edge.
I love the lightness and speed that pages load, BUT:
1) My HP Simplepass fingerprint scanner isn’t compatible, so I have to refer to the Simplepass program when I forget a password for a website instead of just scanning my finger. The good news is that it still works with Internet Explorer, but then, it’s Internet Explorer again, everyone’s love-to-hate browser.
2) Some websites are simply not compatible with the new Edge browser. What that means, exactly, I’m not certain., for example, has a brightly colored banner across the top telling you it’s not supported on their site.

For now, that’s all I see.
Happy Surfing and Internetting, or whatever it is you do online!
(Yes, Mr. Spellcheck, I know that’s not a word.)

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