Windows 10 Upgrade – Pt. 1

Windows-10-LogoHere’s what I’ve found after installing Windows 10.
I have an HP Envy laptop with 6G Ram.
I upgraded from Windows 8.1.

1) Issue with cursor/pointer continuously flashing. RESOLUTION: Turn HP Simplepass fingerprint scanner software setting “Launchpass” off. uncheck “Start up my Launchpass” check box. Done!
2) XML Viewer stopped working Error in HP Support Assistant. RESOLUTION: Uninstall Support Assistant and download new version from HP site. Done.
3) Green screen when trying to play a video. RESOLUTION: Same as previous versions of Windows. Go to Internet Settings in Control Panel or Internet Explorer, go to Advanced tab and, although the wording is different, you are looking for the item that says you are “turning on Software Rendering” instead of “turning off Hardware Rendering” as in other Windows versions.

Everything takes a little adjustment, getting used to a slightly new way of doing things. For instance, I keep going to the bottom right corner of the screen to restart the computer, but since they reinstated the Start menu, they removed the “charms” on the right side of the screen altogether. Also, instead of going to a separate screen for your apps, they are conveniently located on the start menu. Like the Windows 8 apps screen, you can just start typing the name of the app or program you want and it automatically searches for you.

I love the new browser (after getting used to it), seems faster than IE and all my other programs work as they should without upgrades!

More to come…

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